Device setup/Login

We have signed the contract with the bank. When will we receive the codes to activate the terminal?

Activation codes for the Application are sent during device settings using the login and password of the Chief Cashier.

The activation code is sent by email or SMS to the Merchant's telephone number (which is mainly specified in the acquiring agreement). It depends on what means your Acquiring Service Provider has determined.‌

If you have problems obtaining initialization/activation codes, then you can configure the device in an alternative way: using the Device Code.

Why does the password sent in SMS/email not work when logging in to the application?

‌The password received in the SMS/email is used to log in to the Merchant's web portal, not to log in to the application.

If this is the first login to the Application, then the default Password is your Login (case sensitive). What is used as a Login in your situation is determined by your Acquiring Service Provider. For more information, please contact the support service of the Acquiring Service Provider.‌

When logging in to the terminal application, it says I must enter the initiation code. Where can I get it? Nothing comes to us.

The initialization and activation codes are sent by the system to the Merchant's phone number or email address, which are mainly specified in the acquiring agreement. The phone number or email address may be different and not the ones you are using on your device at the moment.‌

When I login to the application, the message "Check the correctness of entered Username or password" pops up. What am I doing wrong?

There may be several possibilities for such a situation to occur:‌

  1. If you have already activated the payment terminal and replaced the default password for the one of your own, make sure that you enter it.

  2. If there is another cashier who also uses this device, with the same login/password, please check whether he/she has changed the password.

  3. If you forgot the password that you set after activating the application, return the default password in the Merchant's Web portal. The details are here.

  4. If your device is already linked to another Merchant (their payment terminal) and is used by them. In this case, you need to disconnect the device from the payment terminal of the "old" Merchant. This feature is available in the Merchant's Web portal under the account of the "old" Merchant. For more information, see here.

Why do I sometimes need to reconfigure my device?

Device setup is the process of downloading the necessary data to your device that will allow you to use the Application in the future. The app can request to go through this process at any time, but on condition that there is a suspicion that your device does not meet the Security Criteria. See here for more details.

Why can't I install the application on another smartphone? I receive a messages like "There are no available terminals for this device". What does it mean?

We can assume that in the application to your Acquiring Service Provider you requested only one payment terminal, respectively, your second device cannot activate a payment terminal that does not exist (all are already activated and linked to other devices).‌

To "move" the payment terminal onto another smartphone, you should unbind the first smartphone from the terminal. This feature is available in the Merchant's Web portal. For more information, see here.

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