Trusted Device Criteria

The device state compliance with listed below requirements and compliance with the safe mode of using the Application minimizes the chances of restrictions in accepting payments on your device.

Device state

The device must not:

  • has unlocked bootloader

For more information on locking the bootloader, see here

  • be rooted (the User must not have root rights to the device)

  • be in debug mode

You can check it the following way

1st method

  1. Open "Settings", select "For developers" (on some Chinese smartphones, select "Settings", then "Advanced" and then "For developers").

  2. In the "Debug" menu, "USB Debugging" is activated.

2nd method

  1. Connect the device to the computer.

  2. Make sure that there is no "USB Debugging enabled" notification on your smartphone"

  • be in developer mode

You can check it the following way

1st method

  1. Open "Settings", select the "About tablet" or "About phone" tab.

  2. Find the "Build number" section (on Xiaomi gadgets or some other devices, the "MIUI version" section). Then click on it.

  3. If you have the developer mode enabled, you will see a message that you are already a developer, otherwise you will see a message saying how many more times you need to click.

2nd method

  1. Open "Settings", select "For developers" (on some Chinese phones, select "Settings", then "Advanced" and then "For developers").

  2. At the top of the page, find the switch "Developer Mode". It is activated.

To disable the developer mode on Android gadgets, open the "Developer Menu" and switch the "Developer Mode" switch to the off position.

The device must have a working imbedded NFC module and configured to read cards

You can check it the following way

  1. Open "Settings", select the "Connection and sharing" tab.

  2. Find the "NFC" section and make sure that the switch is in the on position.

  3. If you have a choice between paying with "SIM" and "e-wallet", then you need to choose "e-wallet".

Application Installation Source

The Application must be installed from the Google Play Market Store only.

Installing the Application from other sources is prohibited. If you try to install the Application from other sources, you are violating the license agreement.

Device Safe Mode for the Application

When using the Application the 😇 User must not:

  • turn off the previously granted permissions to the Application

  • switch to the Split screen mode, including turn on broadcast mode from a mobile device

  • use the camera in obvious or hidden mode (both front and back)

When the Application notifies that the camera is enabled, make sure that all background apps that have access to the camera are closed at the time of the transaction.

As well, make sure that the system functions allowing the device not to turn off the screen due to the constant background use of the front camera are turned off. The Application can also report the camera being on due to the activated Face ID feature.

  • allow that the tapXphone application screens are not overlay by other apps/system functions.

Generally, this situation happens with messengers.

All applications/system functions that overlay the tapXphone screen must be turned off at the time of the transaction.

If you see a message restricting the use of tapXphone applications, try the steps described here.

  • try to take screenshots or videos of the screen.

  • use mobile device remote control applications (for example, TeamViewer, AirDroid).

The 😇 User should update the OS and components that affect the security improvement in a timely manner.

It is also recommended: - to download applications only from trusted vendors in the Play Store and applications that verified by Google Play Protect. - to install malware detection tools on the device and keep it up to date.

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