Why and How to close the Business Day

Business day is a time period set by your Acquiring Service Provider during which all completed transactions get registered in the system for the subsequent settlements with your organization (that is, for the subsequent transfer of funds).

Business day may be closed:

  • automatically at the end of the period defined by your Acquiring Service Provider

You can get info about the business day’s duration from your Acquiring Service Provider.

  • manually on the Merchant's web portal. For more details see here.

When a message about a issue with closing a business day appears in the Application (message 705), it must be closed on the Merchant's portal.

If the Acquiring Service Provider has set a long business day period (it can be longer than one day) and you have not closed it manually, the settlement process by the Acquiring Service Provider will not start.

You can see all transactions (for open and closed business days) in the Merchant's portal. For more information, see here.

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