Device Management

Payment terminals

To view the list of payment terminals registered by the Acquiring Service Provider and their status, go to the menu Device Management - > Payment Terminals.

The Active status means that the payment terminal can be used for accepting payments. If the status of the payment terminal is different from Active, it cannot be used for accepting payments. The decision to deactivate a payment terminal is made by your Acquiring Service Provider.

Mobile devices

To view the list of mobile devices initialized in the Application and their status, go to the menu Device Management - > Mobile devices list.

The "Activated" status means that the mobile device is bound to an active payment terminal and can accept payments.

The "Disabled" status means that the mobile device cannot accept payments, because the payment terminal bound to it is deactivated (blocked) by the Acquiring Service Provider. You cannot accept payments with this device.

The status "Not configured" means that the mobile device is not bound to any payment terminal. You cannot accept payments on this device.

In this section, you can view the registers of receipts. A receipt register contains information about open and closed business days for each of the mobile devices. Also in this section, you can view consolidated information about transactions on a mobile device for a corresponding business day.

Also in this menu item, you can use the functionality for unbinding a payment terminal from a mobile device.

Payment Terminal unbinding

You can get this message when all of the payment terminals generated by your 🏦 Acquiring Service Provider are already linked to your other mobile devices. One of the ways out of this situation may be disconnecting a payment terminal from one of the currently unused mobile devices.

To do this, go to the menu Device Management - > Mobile devices list.

Open the profile of the required device to view it.

In the Payment Terminal field, click Unbind.

Before unbinding the payment terminal from the device, you must first close the business day on it. About closing the business day see here.

If you cannot close the business day because the device is deactivated (blocked), then contact the support service of your Acquiring Service Provider.

You can also use the device unbinding function from the payment terminal if different Merchants use the same device within the same Acquiring Service Provider.

Additionally, after unbinding the device from the Merchant, we recommend to clear the Application data used by the "old" Merchant, and go through the initialization process over again. To do this:

  • Go to the device settings, to the Applications section.

  • Find the tapXphone application.

  • Open the "Storage" section (or something similar to that title).

  • Click Clear Cache and Clear Data.

Close Business Day

To close a business day on a specific mobile device, go to the Device Management -> Mobile devices menu item. On the required device press the Register of receipts button to go to the section that provides information about all (open and closed) business days of this device.

To complete the operation, click the Close business day button.

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