If the client wants to return the goods, and the purchaseReversal is not available because of the closed business day, then you can use the Refund function.

The Refund function can also be used when the client wants to return part of the paid amount.

The difference between Reversal and Refund




The period within which the funds can be returned to the client

Possible only during an open business day

Does not depend on the business day status. But it may have a specific time period when a refund can be accomplished. You can learn the information about this period from the Acquiring Service Provider

Speed of refund to the client

Immediately after the transaction is performed

After all the necessary settlements by the Acquiring Service Provider are made. You can learn the information about the terms from the Acquiring Service Provider

Card tapping

Not required

May be required if your Acquiring Service Provider has set that

Partial refund



Refund Start

Depending on the Acquiring Service Provider’s terms, different refund flow are possible:

  • by entering a Reference Retrieval Number (RRN).

  • by tapping a client’s card.

A combined refund approach is also possible, based on the two methods mentioned above.

Refund. RRN entering

After selecting the Refund function, the Application will ask you to enter a RRN. Enter it and continue the transaction.

The RRN is indicated in the customer's receipt.

On the Amount entry screen, type in the refund amount and confirm the transaction by clicking the Refund button.

The amount cannot exceed the purchase amount from the payment transaction.

In the combined approach to refund, the Application will ask you to enter a RRN before card tapping. Enter it and continue the transaction.

When the request to bring a card appears on the screen, ask the customer to tap a 💳 card or a 📱 mobile device on which the payment application is installed to your 📱 device, to the location of the NFC module.

For more information about the correct card tapping, see the this page.

Refund Result

Once successful processing of the transaction and confirmation of the refund by your Acquiring Service Provider received, the Application will offer to send/display the receipt to your client.

The Application's receipt is not a fiscal receipt.

If the client does not need a receipt, you can start a new transaction by clicking the New purchase button.

If the processing of Refund transaction has failed, the purchase cannot be considered as canceled. In this case, we recommend to try again or return the money to the customer in cash.

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