Device Management

Why can't I see all my transactions in the app on my phone?

In the Application, you can only see the operations of the current (not closed) business day performed on a specific device. In the Merchant's web portal, you can see all transactions for any period of interest and for any device, print out reports, track and change the status of your cashiers, disconnect the application from one device to let it be installed on another.

How do I unbind my old smartphone in the Merchant portal so I could install tapXphone on another smartphone?

This procedure is described in detail here.

If I work at two retail outlets for two different merchants, can I install two applications on my smartphone to accept payments in two locations?

The application can only be installed once per device.

However, the possibility whether you can use different accounts in the Application or not will depend on which Acquiring Service Providers serve your Merchants.

If the Merchants are served by different Acquiring Service Providers, it is possible to use different accounts of different Merchants on the same device. You will simply have to change the Acquiring Service Provider in the respective field on the Login screen.

If the Merchants are served by the same Acquiring Service Provider, then the use of the accounts of these different Merchants is not supported by the Application. You will receive a message about an invalid username or password. In this situation, you will have to unbind the device from each Merchant (from the payment terminal) every time. See here.

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