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The Application can be used by any cashier when the subheading of the Sign in screen does not contain indication that the device needs to be setup (or that the device is locked or disabled).

To sign in to the Application, enter the cashier's Username and Password.

  1. When entering the password, please note that it is sensitive to upper and lower case.

  2. If this is a Cashier's first login to the Application, then the default Password is equal to the Login (case sensitive) that was set in the Merchant's Web portal.

You have 5 attempts to enter the correct Username/password, after which the account can be locked (in this case, the Application will display a message with the number 203). The cashier's account is unlocked in the Merchant's web portal. In this case, you should contact the employee who has access to it.

If the Application displays, when trying to enter, a message with the number 101 and the text that the login and password were entered incorrectly, then the device must be transferred to the Main cashier in order for the device initialization by entering Main cashier login and password.

Upon successful sign in, the Application will display the Amount entry screen.

You can start to accept payments.

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