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Payment cancelation

If the customer wants to return the purchase, you can use the Reversal function
The Reversal function is available only within the open (not yet closed) business day.
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    If the business day is closed, payment cancelation is not available, since your Acquiring Service Provider has already settled the transaction. In this case, we recommend using the Refund function.
  2. 2.
    When a payment is canceled, the full amount of the purchase is returned. For a partial refund, use the Refund function.
There are two ways to cancel a purchase:
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    By selecting the required purchase from the list of transactions in the current business day.
  2. 2.
    By specifying the receipt number.

Cancel purchase from the transactions list

To cancel purchase from the transactions list, go to the menu Point of sale -> Transactions
Then select the required purchase and click Reversal.

Cancel purchase by the Receipt number

This function is optional. To have it enabled, please contact your Acquiring Service Provider.
To cancel purchase by the receipt number, click the icon
. The icon is available on the Amount entry screen:
and also in the Transaction settings menu where you can select the required transaction type, including paymentReversal
To cancel a previously completed purchase enter the receipt number from the customer's receipt and confirm the action by clicking Reversal
In the menu Point of sale -> Transactions, the canceled payment will have the corresponding status.
If the processing of the payment Reversal has failed, the purchase cannot be considered as canceled. In this case, we recommend try again to cancel purchase.